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Czech Republic work permit exemptions for artists and for other specific persons or groups

Ultimate Advisor for third country national artists travelling to European Union







Inviting artists, cultural professionals, touring groups, and others from visa-required countries to Czech Republic


What do artists from third countries need to tour Czech Republic?

If you are a performing artist, tour-manager, promoter or live performance organisation, sooner or later you might want to come and perform in Czech Republic. Do you need work permit to perform in Czech Republic? Nowadays, artists and other cultural professionals are very mobile, performing abroad more often than in their country of origin. Performing abroad though, visas and other permits issues might occur. Since the establishment of Schengen Zone, and unification of legislative in European Union, it might be a bit easier, but the issue still stands.


There are few exemptions from work permit for specific persons or groups of persons in Czech Republic. Exemption for artists whose performance in the Czech Republic does not exceed 7 consecutive days or 30 days in the summary per calendar year.


First specific group where is an exemption is formed of family member of a member of the diplomatic mission, embassy or family member of an employee of an international government organization based on the territory of the Czech Republic.
Foreigner who has been granted asylum or additional protection is another group.
Next wide group is formed of Pedagogue, academic or research worker participating in a scientific meeting, pupil or student under the age of 26, athlete or person supplying goods or services in the Czech Republic or supplying or performing assembly on based on a commercial contract or performing warranty and repair work, whose performance in the territory of the Czech Republic does not exceed 7 consecutive days or 30 days in the aggregate per calendar year.
Fourth group include a member of the rescue unit providing assistance under an international agreement on mutual assistance in dealing with the consequences of accidents and natural disasters and in humanitarian aid cases.
A foreigner employed in international traffic if he is sent to work in the territory of the Czech Republic by his foreign employer.
Foreigner accredited in the media is sixth group.
A member of the military or civilian personnel of the sending State Armed Forces under a special law is next group with exemption.
A foreigner who is constantly preparing for the future profession in the Czech Republic.
Ninth group formed of a foreigner who pursues systematic educational or scientific work in the Czech Republic as a teaching staff member or university graduate or scientific, research or development worker in a public research institution or other research organization.
Spirituals from the Church registered in the Czech Republic or a religious society registered in the Czech Republic.
And last group with exemption is formed of a foreigner whose work in the territory of the Czech Republic is in the interest of the Czech Republic.


Section 98 letter d) of Czech Act No. 435/2004 on employment as amended


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