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JUDr. Mojmír Ježek, Ph.D.

Mojmír Ježek worked as Czech lawyer for over 10 years in prestigious foreign offices in Prague, German Noerr and American White & Case, and for over eight years as a founding member of rutland ježek, Czech law firm. In addition to English, he is bilingual in German as a graduate of the Austrian bilingual gymnasium in Znojmo, and therefore a number of German-speaking companies are among his clients. Mojmir further provides legal advice in Czech Republic to a wide range of Czech companies and private clients, especially in the field of transactional consulting, corporate law, finalization, litigation and arbitration, etc. ….

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Mgr. Eliška Čáslavská

Eliška Čáslavská is a Czech lawyer specialising in Czech business and civil law, focusing in particular on Czech corporate law, labor law, real estate law and disputed agenda. After completing her studies at the Czech Faculty of Law of Charles University and German University of Passau, Eliška joined as a Czech legal trainee rutland ježek, advoktání kancelář. She worked closely as a Czech legal trainee and as a Czech attorney in Prague after passing her Czech bar assiciation exam in 2015. Eliška provided counseling to international corporations and private clients not only in local Czech and cross-boarder mergers, but also in Czech labor law disputes and other disputes and she has been working in the rutland ježek since February 2010. She focuses on Czech banking and financial law, securities law, bankruptcy law, and mergers and acquisitions ...

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Mgr. Jaroslav Hotař

Jaroslav Hotař has experience both in advocacy and in providing Czech legal advice within large corporations in Prague as an in house counsel. Jaroslav worked for several years at Gleiss Lutz's German branch office in Prague, as Head of Legal Department at AHOLD Czech Republic and PASSERINVEST GROUP, and has experience in consulting in ACCENTURE. Jaroslav is also a forensic interpreter from English and specializes in real estate law, corporate law and nonprofit ...

David Strupek advokát

Mgr. David Strupek

In his more than twenty-year law practice, David Strupek focused primarily on litigation, in the areas of civil, commercial, family and criminal law, including dealing with extraordinary remedies before the highest judicial instances. He has considerable experience in the protection of human rights and freedoms and enforcement of rights under the Anti-Discrimination Act and participated in the formation of Czech anti-discrimination case-law despite the absence of substantive legislation. He also specializes in the protection of family life, especially in cases of separation of a child from parents and substitute family care, but also in cases of divorce disputes of parents and representation in legal proceedings and criminal cases. ....

Petr Běhan advokát

Mgr. Petr Běhan, Ph.D.

Petr Běhan specializes in competition, public procurement, European law and consulting for Czech and foreign entrepreneurs not only in commercial and civil matters, but also in representation in court and arbitration proceedings. In addition to advocacy, Petr Běhan acts as an arbitrator and advisor to the Chairman of the Czech Office for the Protection of Competition (Czech Antimonopoly Office) in the area of competition and public procurement and as a member of the Appeals Committees of the Office. Petr Běhan mainly provides legal advice in the field of competition law, mergers - merger assessment, approval by the Czech Office for the Protection of Competition, represents clients before the Office, solves disputes related to abuse of dominant position and assesses contracts and contractual arrangements vertical or horizontal contractual relationships.....

Office support

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Mgr. Karolína Ederová

Karolína Ederová is an office manager and she has extensive experience in ensuring the running of a law firm from a former law firm in the rutland ježek.....