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Judicial, administrative and arbitration proceedings



Czech judicial, administrative and arbitration proceedings

Czech law firm ECOVIS ježek's legal team provides comprehensive legal advice and services in Czech national and international arbitration and civilian proceedings. Our practice of the disputed agenda includes all aspects of commercial law from the initial stage of the dispute, in which we analyze facts and fundamental legal issues, through litigation planning, including procedural tactics, after real representation before arbitrators or judicial authorities. Our practice of the disputed agenda is also focused on the provision of preliminary measures as well as on the commencement and execution of the execution. Attorneys at the ECOVIS ježek, Czech law firm have been involved, in addition to representing in civil and commercial disputes, as well as a number of regulatory authorities in the fields of banking and capital markets, competition and intellectual property.

Practical experiences in Czech judicial, administrative and arbitration proceedings :

  • representation of clients in all sorts of business litigations (including debt recovery, liability for damage, etc.)
  • representation of clients in rental disputes (both tenants and lessors)
  • commercial arbitration before the Arbitration Court at the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic
  • trademark disputes
  • recovery of receivables from debtor
  • enforcement of foreign judgments
  • administrative proceedings (construction, immigration, the environment)
  • employment disputes
  • tax disputes
  • insurance disputes

Czech Administrative law

The Czech lawyers of our Czech law firm, especially Tomáš Nahodil have many years of experiences in representing clients in the Czech administrative judiciary in the proceedings under the Czech Code of Administrative Court Procedure as well as under the Part Five of the Czech Code of Civil Court Procedure. We have represented clients, for example, in exercising their claims and protecting their rights under the Freedom Information Act, further when reviewing the decisions of cadastral, land and other administrative authorities. Our attorneys represented well-known Czech university in a dispute with its student not admitted to the studies, as well as the students from the university studies excluded. Tomáš Nahodil participated in the preparation of the lawsuit against the Rector of well-known Moravian university, who refused to appoint already nominated candidate for the Dean's office.

Czech Constitutional law

Tomáš's most well-known case, successfully solved by the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, depends in reopening of extraordinary complicated restitution case of Opočno Chateau complex in Hradec Králové Region. In this case, the Constitutional Court newly interpreted the condition of racial persecution during the period of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (1939 – 1945) under the Extra-judicial Rehabilitation Act. Another success of Tomáš at the Constitutional Court depends in a decision according to which the restituents are not required to pay any court fees in restitution cases.

ECOVIS ježek, the Czech law firm provides legal advice and assistance in Czech administrative and judicial proceedings

Tomáš Nahodil is Czech attorney with extensive experience in Czech administrative and judicial proceedings and he specializes in representing clients at the highest court´s instances - the Czech Supreme Court, Czech Supreme Administrative Court and Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. You can contact Tomáš and ask him for details about the Czech administrative and judicial proceedings including issues regarding Czech restitution claims.

You can engage our Czech law firm to ensure for proper protection of your rights in Czech administrative and judicial proceedings by us as qualified experienced Czech lawyers.

t: +420 226 236 600 | e: tomas.nahodil@ecovislegal.cz