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Legal services


Global experience as part of ECOVIS network, Czech legal services from Czech professional lawyers/strong>

Czech law firm ECOVIS ježek provides Czech legal services under Czech law to leading international corporations as well as to medium and small businesses in a wide range of economic areas. The international experience of the Czech lawyers of ECOVIS ježek and the background of the ECOVIS international network is the ideal choice for corporations of any size. Team flexibility allows focusing on specific client issues and providing the necessary depth of specialization. We provide legal services in key areas of Czech law and in a wide range of other public and private law fields, including advertising law, consumer legal protection, media law, sports and entertainment, environmental law, transport law and energy.


Solving personal life situations in the Czech Republic by Czech professional lawyers

Czech lawyers of ECOVIS ježek have experience in provision of legal advice to private clients in various business and personal matters. We advise on both Czech employment and Czech family law, inheritance, and resolve other life situations that anyone can encounter. We can assist and represent the private clients in the sale of Czech real estate, succession in the family and business, divorce and other difficult life situations are a common part of our Czech legal services. We advise weathly Czech individuals and foreigners in proper structuring of their investments in Czech Reoublic and anywhere in the world.


Bankruptcy as a new beginning in the Czech Republic

ECOVIS ježek, the Czech law firm provides legal advice on restructuring prior to bankruptcy and on all issues related to Czech and foreign insolvency and bankruptcy law. We have a bankruptcy trustee in our team and he will answer any questions about how to prevent a Czech bankruptcy and how to deal with it successfully.


Comprehensive Czech legal advice for foreigners

ECOVIS ježek provides legal advice for foreigners and expats in the Czech Republic, including buying, renting and selling Czech real estate, resolving all types of disputes, family matters, employment contracts, and tax planning in the Czech Republic. For expats we also ensure for Czech work permits and other permits according to Czech immigration Law.