Sweden work permit exemptions for artists and for other specific persons or groups

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Inviting artists, cultural professionals, touring groups, and others from visa-required countries to Sweden


What do artists from third countries need to tour Sweden?

If you are a performing artist, tour-manager, promoter or live performance organisation, sooner or later you might want to come and perform in Sweden. Nowadays, artists and other cultural professionals are very mobile, performing abroad more often than in their country of origin. Performing abroad though, visas and other permits issues might occur. Since the establishment of Schengen Zone, and unification of legislative in European Union, it might be a bit easier, but the issue still stands.


An exemption exists for the period of 14 performing days within one year, but invitation from the established arranger is obligatory.


1.Specialists in an international corporation who work temporarily in Sweden for the corporation for a total of less than one year. The exception does not apply to specialists who are subject to the ICT regulations. This means that specialists residing outside the EU are exempted from the work permit requirement if they work in Sweden for less than 90 days.
2.Employees who participate in practical experience, internal training or other skills development at a company in an international group for up to three months altogether over the period of 12 months.
3.People who participate in training, testing, preparation or completion of deliveries, or similar activities within the framework of a business transaction for up to three months altogether over the period of 12 months.
4.Diplomats and consular officials, as well as their families and staff. The exemption generally applies to the current mission only.
5.Fitters or technical instructors in connection with urgent installation or repair of machinery for up to two months. The work must be an emergency – in other words, an unexpected event that requires immediate measures. Scheduled or foreseeable work does not qualify for the exemption.
6.People who have a temporary gig for a radio or television broadcast by Sveriges Radio AB, Sveriges Television AB, Sveriges Utbildningsradio AB or Nordisk Television AB (TV4-gruppen/TV4 AB) for up to one month after entering Sweden.
8.Professional athletes and functionaries who participate in international competitions for up to three months over the period of 12 months.
9.Railway personnel and lorry drivers in international commercial traffic who are employed outside Sweden. Drivers and staff of tourist buses for up to three months.
10.Representatives who work temporarily as salespeople, journalists, etc., for a company that does not have a branch or office in Sweden.
11.Caregivers employed for a person who is visiting Sweden for up to three months.
12.Visiting research fellows or teachers at higher education institutions who participate in research, teaching or lecturing activities for up to three months altogether over the period of 12 months.
13.People who work temporarily in Sweden as a contractor or the equivalent. In order for the exception to be applicable, the person must live in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland without being a citizen there, and have a permit that entitles him/her to work and reside in that country. It is also required that the person is employed by a company in the country in question and will work temporarily in Sweden for the company. The exception applies during the period of temporary work.
14.Witnesses or plaintiffs in a criminal investigation who have obtained a residence permit as a result.
15.For the period of deployment for a person who is part of an aid effort for a disaster or accident in Sweden.





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