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Czech Business Visa

Czech long term business visa

Schengen visa for a stay of over 90 days (long-term)



Who can apply for a Czech business visa

A foreigner who:
- is self-employed in the Czech Republic; or
- is a statutory body or a member of a statutory body of a company or cooperative
Foreigners who want to be employed in the Czech Republic shall apply for Czech employee card.

Submission of the application for a Czech long-stay visa for the purpose of business by means of a completed form

This is to be done by the applicant in person, an appointment at the Czech Embassy has to be booked in advance (The Czech lawyers and support team of our law firm will arrange an appointment at the Embassy.). In some cases the application can be sent by mail (e.g. USA citizens).

1) A valid travel document (passport)
2) Current photographs (2x)
3) A document confirming availability of accommodation (lease agreement covering the whole period of stay in Czech Republic or confirmation of accommodation – a simple form will be provided)
4) A confirmation of sufficient funds (bank statement in the name of the applicant with balance of at least CZK 110,000; needs to be stamped by the bank, currency and name of the owner of the account as well as the final balance needs to be clear from such statement)
5) A document confirming the purpose of the stay (extract from the Commercial Register confirming applicant's executive position OR extract from the Czech Trade License Office if the applicant is a self-employed)
6) Travel medical insurance contract incl. proof of payment, travel medical insurance should cover the whole time of stay in the Czech Republic, i.e. the whole time the visa will be issued for. The insurance can be purchased online, we recommend VZP or Slavia.
7) Upon request a document similar to an extract from the Penal Register (issued by the state of which you are a citizen, as well as states in which, in the last three (3) years you have resided continuously for a period longer than six (6) months)/Affidavit stating clean criminal history record with a notarized signature
8) Upon request, a medical report stating that the foreign national does not suffer from any serious disease (usually not required)
All documents have to be submitted to the Ministry of Interior in originals or notarized copies (the latter is preferred) and in the Czech language or with official translation in to the Czech language, eventually the Apostille has to be attached to the official documents.
The applicant has two options with regards to the health insurance:
a) Wait for the visa application to be approved and submit the insurance contract including confirmation of payment after he/she gets a notification of approval i.e. when collecting the visa at the embassy. This option is more logical and cheaper (because we do not know when the application will be approved), therefore it is recommended by us and the insurance can be easily bought online with a credit card. The applicant will also receive all documents from the insurance company in multiple languages via email.
b) Purchase the health insurance (also online) in advance and submit the insurance contract and proof of payment together with the application for a long-term visa as one of its attachments. The insurance should start approximately ninety (90) days after the application is submitted (we expect this to be the soonest date of the visa approval); this option is preferred by the embassy because the application is complete from the beginning however as the applicant does not know when the LTV will be approved (between 90-120 days but may take longer in some cases) he/she has to pay insurance even for the period when they are not in the Czech Republic. This second option is however preferred by the Czech Embassies and Consulates in the USA.
An interview may be conducted with the employee at the Czech Embassy; the applicant may be questioned about the company (seat, employee, business activity, business plan), accommodation and also family relations.

Where to apply?

Either at the Embassy of the Czech Republic within the appropriate territorial jurisdiction: in the state of which the foreigner is citizen or, if applicable, the state that issued the travel document or in the state where the foreigner has long-term or permanent residence.
Our lawyers and support team will arrange an appointment at the Embassy in advance. We will arrange an appointment at the Embassy in advance.

Administrative fees for Czech business visa

2500 CZK (to be paid in cash in the local currency at the embassy)

Granting a long-term visa for the purpose of business

The applicant must visit the embassy in person again and finally provide the travel health insurance document and proof of payment of the insurance (if not done before – see above). You can find more information on the Czech long term visa on the web page of the Czech Ministry of Interior.

Arriving in the Czech Republic

You have to visit the foreign police department within three business days of arrival in the Czech Republic (Our support team can provide accompaniment).

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