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Insolvency and reorganisation

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Insolvency and reorganisation

Czech Law Firm ECOVIS  ježek, it also provides comprehensive insolvency, debt relief and crisis management services. Thanks to our experience, we offer the client innovative and specific solutions within the legal and tax framework.


Our Czech insolvency trustee

Advising on insolvency law is focused on three main lines of action. The first is based on close cooperation with the entire legal team and represents a closely coordinated support for all types of insolvency proceedings, both from the borrower's position and the creditor. The second direction responds to the ever-deepening effects of new ways of insolvency on an international scale and focuses primarily on representation or mediation of representation in foreign insolvency proceedings and follow-up advice. The third direction relates to the possibility of using the cooperating insolvency trustees, who are not only lawyers, but also a registered insolvency administrator. All the directions are based on the philosophy of consistent concentration on the specific situation of the client and achieving the maximum efficiency of the provided services.

In solving insolvency issues, we focus on the recommendation of an optimal tax solution to the client's planned or implemented solutions. Attention is also paid to the identification of opportunities for tax planning and the support includes the subsequent implementation of selected structures. Within this activity, ECOVIS ježek, law firm its clients mainly the following services:

  • Tax Planning of Investments and Restructuring for Physical and Legal Entities, including the Draft Exit Strategy in terms of Taxation of Capital Income
  • offshore company
  • assessment of tax risks in the underwritten companies and support in minimizing their impacts
  • the assessment of the tax impacts of the restructuring of ownership relationships within the group
  • support for the optimization of the tax strategy for business in the Czech and Slovak Republics; in other jurisdictions
  • tax support for post-acquisition restructuring for both companies and individuals

In connection with these services, we will ensure, through our collaborating consultants in the field of auditing, taxation, accounting, payroll and corporate consulting, the solution of other professional issues that may arise in the course of these processes.


Transfer pricing solutions

In the context of innovativeness protection, we also recommend, based on years of experience in transfer pricing solutions, the setting of transfer pricing to achieve a defensible and tax-friendly set-up of transactions in a group of connected persons. The form of cooperation on these projects varies according to the client's needs and includes, for example:

  • assessing the current intragroup transaction setting from the point of view of tax implications in order to identify both the standard tax and the specific risks arising from incorrect pricing of transfer pricing
  • analyzing the business model of the group and identifying opportunities for tax savings within the defensible transfer pricing
  • a tax solution for different business models and transactions
  • revisions and comments on existing transfer pricing documentation
  • preparation of transfer pricing documentation for proposed or existing business models
  • assistance in obtaining a binding assessment of the tax consequences of business transactions


For more information please contact us:

JUDr. Mojmír Ježek, Ph.D.

ECOVIS ježek, advokátní kancelář s.r.o.
Betlémské nám. 6
110 00 Prague 1
e-mail: mojmir.jezek@ecovislegal.cz

About ECOVIS ježek, law firm s.r.o.:

Czech law firm ECOVIS ježek focuses mainly on company law, real estate law, dispute management, finance and banking law, and provides professional advice in all areas, making it an alternative for clients of international offices. The international dimension of the services provided is ensured through past experience and through cooperation with leading law firms in most European countries, in the United States and other jurisdictions within the ECOVIS network operating in 75 countries around the world. Members of ECOVIS ježek team have long-time experience from leading international lawyers and tax companies in providing legal advice to multinational corporations, large Czech companies, but also to medium-sized companies and individual clients. More information at www.ecovislegal.cz..

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ECOVIS ježek, the Czech law firm provides legal advice and assistance in Czech bankruptcy and insolvency cases

Roman Macháček is Czech attorney and Czech bankruptcy trustee and has extensive experience with Czech and foreign insolvency and bankruptcy law. You can contact Roman and ask him for details about the Czech bankruptcy and insolvency law.

You can engage our Czech law firm to ensure for proper protection of your rights in Czech insolvency and bankruptcy proceeding by us as qualified experienced Czech lawyers and Czech bankruptcy trustees.

t: +420 226 236 600 | e: roman.machacek@ecovislegal.cz